23-27 October 2023, Bali Dynasty Resort, Kuta, Bali Island, Indonesia

The 8th Asia-Pacific Conference on Synthetic Aperture Radar (APSAR 2023)


APSAR 2023


The APSAR 2023 will be held in the entire in-person international conference at Bali Dynasty Resort, Kuta, Bali Island, Indonesia. All authors must accomplish online registration and payment by 1 October 2023. At least one author per paper must register. Papers not linked to a registration will be withdrawn from the program and the proceedings. An existing registration record cannot be transferred to any other person. If you are a member of the organization, please check your "Memberships" in "My profile" in the EDAS system before registering.

International Participants :
IEEE Member: 250 USD
Non-IEEE Member: 300 USD
IEEE Student Member: 150 USD
Non-IEEE Student Member: 200 USD
Participant without paper (not including dinner): 120 USD

Local (Indonesian Institution) Participants :
MAPIN/IEEE Member: 150 USD
Non-MAPIN+Non-Indonesian IEEE Member: 175 USD
IEEE Student Member: 125 USD
Non-IEEE Student Member: 130 USD
Participant without paper (not including dinner): 120 USD

Note: Indonesian Society for Remote Sensing (MAPIN)

Registration Payment Link: Registration Link

Q & A related to Registration
1. How to upload the Final Manuscript :
Answer :
Please access your EDAS system, click “My Paper,” and choose your paper. Then upload your final manuscript and video by clicking the link on the right side of “Final manuscript”. Please don’t forget to submit the copyright form and registration fee too.

2. I am a member of IEEE but could not find it on the payment list option; how to solve it?
Answer :
Access the EDAS system, click “My Profile,” and add “Memberships,” then try to register again. I hope you can solve the problem. If you have any other issues, please inform us.

3. I paid using Paypal but it does not mention "paid" on the system; how to solve it?
Answer :
Paypal needs a couple of times/days to process the payment; please wait a moment (a day), and check again.

4. I tried to convert my presentation file (MS WORD) to PDF using IEEE Pdf eXpress, but I didn't know the conference ID.
Answer :
The conference number from IEEE is *****, and the official conference name is 2023 8th Asia-Pacific Conference on Synthetic Aperture Radar (APSAR).

5. I am Indonesian (local), but I could not find the option of local: IEEE member.
Set the country of Indonesia in Profile and try again to register.

If you have any questions about registration, please contact: apsar2023-chairs@edas.info